Ableitner Foods is a premier manufacturer of Halal certified gourmet food located in the heart of Klang Valley. Built to meet the rising needs of the Malaysian gourmet food market, Ableitner Foods will provide customers the opportunity to work with an experienced team and world-class facility to customize unique items for their menus. From restaurants to airlines, convention centers to cafes, the company's mission is to create innovative food dishes from appetizers to desserts to cater to all demands of the quickly growing food industry. Specifically, the factory facility has the capability to produce cakes, ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, cookies, pies, sauces, soups, meals and more. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic team with extensive experience operating a similar concept in Singapore currently lead the factory, and the group looks forward to meeting with and engaging food businesses in Malaysia.


Find out what solutions suit you by calling us at +603 5613 7368 for a detailed product list or arrange for a no-obligation discussion with our business representatives.